Latex and Nitrile Gloves

  • Duragloves Latex


    Manufactured in accordance to the highest quality standards that ensure dexterity, protection and comfort. These gloves are produces using 100% natural latex -. We produce both Ambidextrous and half specidic gloves that are low in protein content which are processed for Medical, Industrial and Cleanroom use. Gloves range from 6mil to 20mil thickness and are mostly produced to customer specifications (OEM).

    Design and Features

    • Smooth
    • Textured
    • Finger Textured
    • Finger FleX Technology
    • Online powder free gloves
    • Offline double chlorinated gloves
    • Polymer coated gloves
    • Tapered and beaded cuff


    240mm (9 1/2)


    Ambidextrous: XS, S, M, L, XL
    Hand Specific: 5.0~6.0,6.0~7.0,7.0~8.0,8.0~9.0,9.0~10.0


    Natural, White, Blue, Purple

    Color Packing

    Non-Sterile Gloves
    – Packed with dispenser boxes and into a shipper carton

    Sterile Gloves
    – Wallet using PE or paper, pouched in a dispenser, and into a shipper carton.

    Cleanroom Gloves
    – Packed in double polybags for non-sterile and sterile gloves are wallet in Cleanroom HDPE wallets,placed in Cleanroom Plastic Pouches and in a lined shipper carton. packed in either our in-house brand or OEM.
    (We can accommodate to customer branding—OEM)

    QA Standard

    Fully traceability using QMS techniques
    Inspection Levels:
    – Barrier defect: G1, AQL 0.65 | G1, AQL 1.0 | G1, AQL 1.5
    -Major defect: G1, AQL 2.5
    -Minor defect: G1, AQL 4.0


    Gamma Irradiation or EO sterilized


    Chemo Drug handling,EMS Personel, Medical, Industrial, Laboratory, Clean Room,OBS and Gyane

    Cleanroom Latex Gloves

    The gloves are processed to better than standard, in respect of its properties, particulates and extractable which are kept at a minimal level to ensure that the gloves are as per specications issued by our customers from many dierent sectors. These gloves are commonly used in the semi conductor, electronic and pharmaceutical industries and laboratories.

    Our standard cleanroom specification

    The gloves are processed to better than standard, in respect of its properties, particulates and extractable.

    Powder Free Latex Gloves – Clean Room Use Specications – Class 10

    Powder free latex gloves – Clean Room Use Specifications – Class 10
    Particle Count
    (IES – RP – C005.2)
    Ionic Burden (mg/cm²) Non – Volatile Residue
    (DI Water Extraction)
    Silicon Oil Presence By
    FTIR (Hexane Extraction)
    Anions Cations
    Count Per cm ² CI − CO ₃ ²− SO ₄ ²− Ca ²+ Mg ²+ K + Na ²+ mg/cm ² ABSENT
    < 1,200 < 0.75 < 0.4 < 0.1 < 0.4 < 0.01 < 0.05 < 0.04 < 10



    Duragloves Latex

  • Duragloves Nitrile

    Product Features


    Powder free and non- sterile

    Primary Material:


    Glove Size Reorder# Palm width (mm) Length (mm)
    Extra-small D1500-17 <=80 240 min
    Small D1501-17 80+-10 240 min
    Medium D1502-17 95+-10 240 min
    Large D1503-17 110+-10 240 min
    Medium D1504-17 >=110 240 min
    Location of Thickness Measurements Single Wall (mm)
    Finger 0.17+-0.03
    Palm (at center of palm) 0.14+-0.03
    Cuff (at 25mm from cuff end) 0.11+-0.03
    Physical Properties
    Parameters Before Aging After Aging
    Tensile Strength (MPa) 14 min 14 min
    Force At Break (N) >=9 >=6
    Cuff (at 25mm from cuff end) 0.11+-0.03

    No powder lubricant added. Light chlorinated on glove surface.


    Natural, White, Blue, Purple

    Design and Feature:

    Ambidextrous, textured surface at fingers and beaded cuff.


    100 gloves per dispenser, 10 dispensers per carton.

    Pre-shipment Quality Inspection:
    Criteria Insp. Level AQL
    Dimension N = 13 Median
    Physical Properties >N=13 Median
    100 ml water Leak Test G-1 1.5
    visual inspection for major defects G-1 2.5
    Visual inspection for minor defetcs G-1 4.0
    Poeder free Residue N = 5 N/A
    Product Conformance:
    • Medical Device : in compliance with European Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC (CE Class lla).
    • EN 388
    • Personal Protective Equipment of complex design category lll, in compliance with 89/686/EEC, type tested to EN 420:2003+A1:2009, EN 374-2:2003, EN 374-3:2003 & EN 388:2003, CE 0086
    • ASTM D6319
    Quality Assurance:
    Manufacturing process is in compliance with US FDA Quality System Regulation (QSR) and BS EN ISO13485 Quality System

    Duragloves Nitrile


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